Cold Car Battery Chaos, Part 2

Empty battery spot

Who knew they were so popular?


When should you change a car battery you know is getting old?

The summer before the winter when you know it will be out of date.

But I bet almost no one does.

And, as my story continues, I had tried three places in town to get a replacement battery for my 2009 Ford Focus.

I was sure that my striking out would change when I journeyed one town over to a much higher population, reflected by two Wal-Marts in town.

So I tried one Wal-Mart . . . and I had no luck.

But there was a trio of auto stores nearby, all on separate blocks but within walking distance (if not for the cold temperature, the night, and the fact that I was not 100% over a yucky cold-flu double whammy that started two weeks previous).

I struck out, hopped across a four-lane road to strike out again, then crossed another little road to strike out a third time.

But there was still that other Wal-Mart on the other end of town.

And then it was a bust too.

(Though I liked the more relaxed, laidback vibe of the other Wal-Mart, and that its location kept it hidden from the worst of the wind and the cold.)

A phone chat with my wife convinced me to call up two other nearby Wal-Marts. They were very polite but did not have the battery I needed.

Frustrated, I was cold, tired and had nothing better to do than eat.

And as I waited for my Culver’s food to arrive, I was able to ignore Navy NCIS on a TV screen and the obnoxious man-boys on the other end of the place when my phone rang.

My wife had found the right battery 30 minutes away on the interstate. It was just after 7:00, and they closed at 8:00. All I had to do was finish feeding my face and get down there in time.

Did I succeed?

Well . . .

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