Spider’s Wine

Brad knew there was something he was cut out for, even if no one else did. So when he makes a low budget horror movie, he knows it will break him out of a boring life of going nowhere. But two girlfriends, a crew of malcontents, and an investor with mysterious motives are the least of his troubles. The greatest horror awaits, and could cost more than his life.

Set after the events of Screw Punch with a slew of new characters, Spider’s Wine is the next piece in the Maize Noir crime thriller puzzle.



Screw Punch

Two young women. Three criminals in hiding. And a country school where they are trapped in the middle of winter, an uneasy tension between them that will bring danger even to the dangerous.

The first part of the continuing Maize Noir world of Midwestern crime fiction, Screw Punch is a story of suspense, laden with action, humor, romance, and intense emotion.