Anders Runestad is a detail-oriented but practical and results-focused writer. He has written and released his own non-fiction and fiction, and also works for hire on tasks where the skill of an excellent writer is needed.

With over two decades of experience in tracking down information for researchers and students in the university library world, he is quick at finding information and presenting it in a useable format by firm deadlines. And he has been writing from a young age, whether for hire, on a volunteer basis, or for fun.

Nominated for a 2017 Rondo Award, Anders’ nonfiction cult movie book I Cannot, Yet I Must was extensively researched and positively reviewed. He also enjoys writing fiction in a variety of genres, his published work so far encompassing contemporary crime fiction, coming of age drama, science fiction, and gothic horror set in Victorian England.

Anders lives in the Midwest, and his life centers around family and friends.

Do you have a need for high quality writing? Your business or personal project may benefit from such writing applications as:

  • Ad copy for print and web advertisements, and sales letters and e-mail
  • Press releases, blog posts, and website text
  • Newsletters, annual reports, proposals, speeches, resumés, and vitas
  • Technical writing, instructions, packaging, menus, and manuals
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Articles and feature stories for newspapers and magazines
  • White papers and ghostwritten books
  • Scripts for YouTube videos, and TV and radio ads

Can you benefit from the skill of an excellent writer? Then contact Anders!