More Velvet, Less Smooth

So yesterday’s Lawrence Welk mash-up was a Velvet Underground song, and here is the Velvet Underground performed by an unlikely cover artist, Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry.  One of his lesser known solo singles, “What Goes On” is interesting because Ferry not only performed it (light years from the smooth, crooner-ish solo material he favors) but added a new section to the end not found in the Velvet Underground original.  The video is pretty average, but features Doctor Who-style video effects and the singer’s trademark awesome hair and strange dance moves.  I also have to note that I think he looks like the love child of Christian Bale and Steve Carell.

UPDATE (ABOUT A MONTH LATER): Not being an indie rock hipster, my Velvet Underground knowledge has been spotty since I knew of their existence from reading one of those Rolling Stone magazine “Best 100 Albums” things back in the late ’80s. So I didn’t realize that Bryan Ferry not only expanded “What Goes On,” but did so by lifting sections from another VU song off the same album, “Beginning to See the Light.” I’m even more impressed now, realizing that he stepped around the minimalism of VU material by combining two simple songs into something more interesting. It seems that Mr. Ferry saw some light when he had this idea.

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