Observin’ Bird

Continuing from the previous Bryan Ferry video is this far more creative one.  Mr. Ferry was still going through his beard phase here, while the video is loaded with futurist imagery that also looks a little fascist.

But the real reason to watch is the star of the video, an unnamed eagle that sits on a perch, observing all around it with withering scorn.  The makers of the video must have realized what kind of effect it would have, because it eventually gets projected onto the U.S.S. Enterprise viewscreen behind the singer, making its imperious dominance of everything it surveys even greater.

Seriously, this eagle should have had its own TV show.


And here’s another very well-edited compilation of Lawrence Welk video with a rock song.  As it happens, both today’s song by the Velvet Underground and yesterday’s by The Dandy Warhols are about being a junkie.

While I’m guessing that this is because the humor factor is greater in matching the square Welk with music about the drug culture, it seems strangely appropriate.  I remember Welk’s show from my youth because my mom always turned it on and I could never get over the weird, fake smiles of the dancers and singers.  Add in the fact that the show was relentlessly sponsored by Geritol, and the drug association is hilarious.